This article and its' title were written and published in 1999 by DiAnna Pfaff-Martin. Please e-mail for written permission to use.  


W H E N 

  W A S   T H E   L A S T   T I M E   

       Y O U   E X P E R I E N C E D                 

S O M E  

      H E A V Y   P E T T I N G             

   O N   A   

S A T U R D A Y   N I G H T?


Louis Augustus, cross-eyed  Himalayan rescued by a senior citizen after seen at her condo eating from a dumpster. It took her two months to befriend the animal. He found a happy home the first day he came to adoption! He was one of the lucky ones who someone took the time to care!


If the two of you sit at home on a Saturday night  charmed with each otherís presence but not the crowds or the prices to get out these days, consider sharing your love with a lost or abandoned older dog, or cat.

The Los Angeles Times documented that the Orange County  Animal Care Center euthanized 16,421 dogs and cats in 1997. 

Young animals are more likely to be adopted, leaving a mature animal that may be more house friendly and calm, to face a life of uncertainty.

Sharing your home with an animal in need is not only worthy but has personal benefits like feeling needed and loved.

Professionals have documented uplifted spirits in the elderly when animals visit elder-care facilities, as well as humans feeling an increased awareness of the senses when having something to love.

Adopt an animal in need today! And, protect them with a collar, tag and microchip implant and keep them indoors safe at night! 

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"Sunshine" brought the light to a rainy day when she was rescued by our organization! She was purchased  at a pet store in Los Angeles according to Home Again Microchip Recovery System. The chip was never registered so she never found her way home. She came to us with bleeding paws and fly bites on her ears and nose. She was passed from  senior to senior who were unable to care for her. 


Peaches was found hungry and cold and taken in by a "good citizen" her babies have all found homes and now it is her turn. 



Odie is a seven year old female Dachshund mix adopted from the Orange County Animal Care Center. Her family says they are unable to leave their German Shepherd alone with her as the larger dog turns out to be aggressive with her.