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Call ID # 0308-85 was from a young 27 year old woman named Rachel. She loves animals and has graduated from vet tech school and is looking for work. Not unlike many people she has moved into a no pet housing apartment. Her grandmother is trying to be supportive and has subsidized it. Rachael is looking for a work at a vet hospital she has no car and so rides the bus. She is relying on her family for financial support at this time and unfortunately, her situation requires that she find a home for her 14 year old grey and white cat named Beauregard.

 I have discovered that the challenges that all people face in their lives affect the ones they love. Society’s affordable housing crisis and disinterest in the “old” place an enormous challenge to Rachael’s situation and ours in rescue. I suggested she move back in with her family until she gets a job so she can keep her cat and move when she was more stable. But, a family in turmoil and parents who believe that by 27 years of age one should be self reliant make it a fruitless suggestion.  

 Our plans to help are limited as the Rachel states she is on a time limit and volunteers are few and far between ready to help foster an old cat. My heart pains wishing I could change the world.  Beauregard will need an expensive senior blood panel to confirm his health prior to finding him a quiet home with an accepting heart. Beauregard is on my mind and the short notice pains my heart.


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