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Topic Explored For A Concerned Citizen

     Backyard temperatures dropped to 40 degrees and our marine air added a dampness to deepen the cold felt this winter. That is why most vets agree that outside pets should be brought indoors on cold damp nights.

     The Newport Beach Police Department’s Animal Control does receive complaints from citizens about dogs being left out in the rain.

However, when an animal control officer responds to a possible cruelty call, a patio table is enough to satisfy the State Penal Code, Section 597, the Newport Beach dispatcher told C.A.N..  

     A concerned citizen told us that her   neighbors dogs cry out on these cold nights.

Citizens will have to have the law changed before animal control can address any concerns. 

     Please encourage neighbors to bring their animals indoors for some inside time on cold damp nights.  

A $10,000.00 Caller  

A Costa Mesa man called us believing the "Pet Of The Week” animal was his cat that had been missing. When the family learned that the animal had been adopted prior to the photo being in the paper they then offered $10,000 to get what they believed to be their cat back. The animal shelter told them they were unable to call people who have adopted animals. Stray animals   can be reclaimed within a five day period from the animals impound. Community Animal Network believes, the only sure way get your pet back from a shelter is to have a pet tag and/or n identification microchip inserted under the skin by a vet. It costs a lot less than $10,000.


Shelter Mania Still Exists

Municipal Animal Shelters in Orange county, CA are  Pro-Humane which means it only euthanizes sick, wild, and aggressive animals. However, many animals become sick or cage aggressive during their stay. The law says to turn in found animals to the cities animal control so the owner can find them. Broken hearted pet owners will tell you they looked and looked and couldn't find their animal and yet 100's are killed everyday. The simple answer is to micro- chip and register with the national database for only $15.00. No animal should leave home without it! 

A Message From Animal Control

Some people attach notes to dogs and let  them loose on the streets or they tie them up places that they hope they will be found. Animal control officers want you to know that a pet is a lifetime commitment. A nice note does not insure an animal’s safety in traffic, or that a dog will get a quality home.

Cat Food Bowls Covered With Ants

Seeing friends animals eat out of bowls covered with ants is disgusting. There are pet dishes that  can be bought that you pour water in a ring around the bowl so the creepy crawlers don’t get in. All animal lovers should have one for outdoor feeding.


             Resident Witnesses            

       Sue Chapman and her workplace associate were having a peaceful lunch at an Anaheim park when they saw a woman who had been playing with a blonde Cocker Spaniel walk over and get in a Cadillac with a man and drive off.

     The abandoned Cocker chased after the vehicle only to be hit by an oncoming car. The animal sustained serious pelvic injuries, and wounds to the head.

     Unfortuately, the abandoned animal had to be euthanized after treatment at the County Shelter on City Drive.


I S  A  LONELY  NUMBER...  In The Wild, Dogs Travel In Packs           And Cats In Prides...  

Today, many animals may be experiencing the symptoms of separation anxiety, boredom and loneliness, waiting for their owners to arrive home from work. What can we do to help?

   Don’t give kitens and puppies away too early. Have the little ones stay with their mom’s to be nurtured until at least 8 weeks The Chow Mix, tiny “Bubbles” who was in our February issue was given away at only three weeks old. And, don’t forget to have plenty of toys  for animals left alone to play with and chew. For cats, the A-Door-Able-Mouse that swings from the door jam is fun. Try bitter apple spray to control dogs that chew. 

     For the health and well-being of the animals please always consider adopting two together. Watching pets play is joyful and also good exercise for the two.

     All animals, including humans benefit from companionship.  Please consider adopting two.