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“Free Spay” For Momma Cat 

"and get all your kittens great homes!"  

 This service is supported by the adoption placement fees of the kittens. Restrictions do apply*.





Receive A “Free Spay” For Your Momma Cat

And Also a "Free" De-worm and De-Flea with Products Safe for Pregnant and Nursing Mother Cats

And Get Great Homes For All Your Kittens!* 


Per The California State Law (January 2000) Mandating the Altering of Kittens and Puppies at Two Pounds (2lbs)

*Photo of 8 week old kittens after spay.

All kittens spayed and neutered, blood tested for leukemia and feline aids, vaccinated, de-wormed, de-fleaed and microchipped. Kitten's microchip registered to the new pet-parent after 30 days. All Pet-Parents receive a 30 minute pet-parenting, 30 day health guarantee and 30 day return policy.

 This service is supported by the adoption placement fees of the kittens. Restrictions do apply*.



QUESTION:  I Have A Stray Cat That Had Kittens In My Yard Can You Spay Her And Take The Kittens?

ANSWER: We can offer this program to animals whose rescuer (YOU) is willing to participate by driving to and from our veterinarian and to our adoption event. the first step is to move the kittens indoors and tame them if necessary. Kittens eyes change from blue to green or gold by eight weeks old. I f the eyes are still blue they are easily tamed. FYI: We can only provide taming instructions for those animals signed into the network. 

Every week after 8 weeks taming becomes more time consuming. Four months (16 weeks) is "almost" hopeless unless the animals have had a lot of contact from the feeder. Feral kittens that are not tamed do not make good pets! If not tamed properly kittens become "runners" or "hiders" and no one will want them. Please give the time it takes to tame the kittens and give them a chance of finding good homes.   

If you are helping a stray cat with kittens move the kittens indoors into a bathroom or bedroom. (Do NOT give wild kittens too much space! You need to be able to handle them easily and not chase them as it instills fear of people from a standing position and they will become runners.

QUESTION:  What Do I Do To Get The Momma Cat and Kittens Into The Program?

ANSWER: email to request the paperwork necessary. If you telephoned and were given a "Call ID# " with a return call please use it in the subject line.

In the text body of the email tell your "rescue story" and request  the "Free Spay For Momma Cat" Agreement, along with your contact numbers.

QUESTION: When Should I Sign The Cat Family Into The Network? 

ANSWER: Do NOT Wait. Get the animals registered in the "Network" right away. You will be given valuable information and we have tools such as cages and traps to loan. Raising pet-quality kittens with good house manners is very important. We have the information you need!

QUESTION: When Can The Momma Cat Become Pregnant Again? 

ANSWER: When The Kittens Are Still Nursing!



We do not have a kennel; therefore we will not be able to take custody of your kittens.

You will be agreeing to safeguard and care for the kittens and drive them to and from our contracted veterinarian when they are 2lbs / 8 weeks to be spayed and neutered. (Required by the January 2000 California State Law that mandates the altering of cats/kittens and dogs/ puppies at the age of 8 weeks or 2lbs prior to adoption from municipal shelters)  

Your momma cat with kittens will receive a “free” spay, “free” de-worm treatment with Profender (TM) Bayer pharmaceuticals and “free” Revolution flea treatment that is safe for nursing mothers. We like to treat the momma cats in advance of the kittens reaching 8 weeks to be able to treat ear mites, fleas, and worms to ensure healthy kittens.

The kittens will be provided with spay/neuter, blood testing for Leukemia and Feline Aids, vaccinations, flea treatment, de-worm and a AVID microchip implant to protect them from the risk of ever entering a shelter.

 In exchange for providing the veterinary medical services you are agreeing not to give, sell, or loose any of the animals in your care, or you will be liable for the retail cost / adoption placement fee value.

 The animals MUST be driven back and forth to adoption events in Newport Beach. The event is 12 noon – 4:00 pm. on Saturday and Sunday, rain or shine. You are asked to commit to making an weekend cage reservation prior to Wednesday each week until the kittens all find homes.  

 Call 949.759-3646 to discuss the advantages of this program or email us at to get the paperwork necessary.

FYI: This program is for pet-quality kittens that are well-loved and are safeguarded indoors.


 Note! Your Participation Saves Future Lives! No Kittens Should Be Given Away Without Being Altered!

Note! Other Charitable Vet Medical Services

  • "Good Citizen Rescue Services Provides Customary* Veterinary Rescue Services for Stray Cats and Dogs That Need New Homes.  
  •  "Feed The Kittens" Supports kitten Formula For Bottle Baby Newborn Kittens Found Without  
  • Adoption Network Affiliate Animal Network of Orange County lists rescue and private party dogs and cats for adoption. 

* Customary Veterinary Rescue Services prepares stray and abandoned animals for adoption and the treatment of mange, ringworm, ear mites along with spay/neuter, vaccinations, de-worm, de-flea and microchips.

Note!How You CAN Help

Community Animal Network

P.O. Box 8662

Newport Beach, CA 92658


Non-Profit Tax ID # 33-0971560


 Note!Always spay, neuter, microchip, collar and tag your pets.