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"EVERY" Dog That Is Listed With Us And  Participates In Our Public Adoption Events Has Found A HOME!



   I am DiAnna Pfaff-Martin, I have been active and successful in "pet-promoting"   

   and finding dog's and cats new homes since 1996. 

Allow me to introduce our services and how the process works.

 There are three ways the organization can assist you:

 OPTION 1 - Unlimited Pets-in-Public Showings

Give Your Time and We'll Show You Success!

$150.00 Listing Service Fee

  A one time $150.00 service fee gives you unlimited opportunities to show your vaccinated, non-aggressive dog at our “Pets In Public” showing at Fashion Island Shopping Center that is sponsored by Russo’s Pet Experience as well as featured in DiAnna's "Pet of The Week" column in the local Los Angeles Times "Daily Pilot". Animals being shown at our weekend adoption events must be scheduled in advance  and have have current vaccine records and have been altered.

Option 1 -  takes more effort on your part but offers significantly more success within a shorter time frame as people may see the web site and be encouraged to come to meet the dog that upcoming weekend.  Meeting an animal in person generates an emotional response and thoughts thereafter often leading to confirming an adoption.

* Current pet-parents agree to support a 30 day return policy, therefore full disclosure of behaviors and house manners is necessary to find the right home the first time. 

 Option 1 Pets In Public showings has a 100% success

OPTION 2 - E-Publishing & Writing Services - $250.00 Publishing Service Fee
                                               * Best supported with OPTION 1 
Customized Writing Services - E-Publishing gives the animal rescuer or pet owner the opportunity to provide maximum promotion for an animal in need. A "Feature Story is written an e-published and appears on the web site home page as well as e-mailed to the pet-loving community using DiAnna's contact data base filled with animal lovers, her family, friends and those on her social butterfly list who know her dedication through her through her work with animals.
                                * all dogs must have proof of current vaccine records and have been altered.

OPTION 3 - 90 Day Web Marketing for ONLY $ 100.00 service fee   

* READ THIS DISCLOSURE: Option 3 - Does Not Produce Results In A Timely Manner. There are so many animals needing new homes that extra effort. Our other marketing strategies provide the best results unless the pet is a purebred or is one of the small new designer breed mixes.      

This "Ninety Day" Web Listing Includes a "Pet Web Photo and Pet Bio" to be listed on dog page.  You submit a selection of digital photos and a pet-bio.
                    *all dogs must have proof of current vaccine records and have been altered.

Both Option 1 and Option 2 combined provides the recommended maximize advertising efforts. 

To list your rescue or your pet for adoption or for more information e-mail

or call 949.759.3646 to discuss the programs

 BENEFITS OF PLACING YOUR DOG THROUGH US is working for you 24 hours a day right here in Orange County. Our pet-marketing programs give your dog the best opportunity to be adopted and your participation will avoid the uncertainty of the animal shelter, or being discouraged by rescue groups that are always full.  

*Animals will meet interested families or individuals at our weekend adoption events at Fashion Island Shopping Center in Newport Beach.

When a successful pet-match is made we will transfer ownership rights to the new pet-parent.

We have no kennel and therefore you would be required to honor a 30 day return policy to the new pet-parents. This is your dog's protection to confirm your pet is in the right home.    

Most returns can be avoided if behaviors and veterinary needs are disclosed ahead of time in writing to us. Making the right pet- match the first time is our goal. For example; if a dog is young and very active we need to find an active family, not someone who is gone all day. 

If the animal is returned within 30 days to your custody we continue working for you without charge.

If the animal does not have a microchip we will perform a non-surgical procedure to implant a tiny microchip between the shoulder blades and registered the chip to the new pet-parent after thirty days.* Which confirms the term of the 30 day return policy*

There are no additional charges to you. However, Animal Network receives a placement service fee from the “new” pet parent at the time of placement.

Finally, ALL DOGS (including purebreds) listed with our organization must have proof of current rabies vaccine and by spayed or neutered.  We cannot offer our services without this proof.

We hope this introductory letter is helpful.  Please remember that the best way to increase the odds of finding the right home is to take a multi-faceted approach – contact as many societies as you can, do not rely on just one service.  


DiAnna Pfaff-Martin 



(949) 759-3646


Always spay, neuter, microchip, collar and tag your pets.