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Memories Of You Will Be Everlasting And Our Hearts Are Full Of Love...  You Weren't Meant To Be Here To Long, But, Just Long Enough To Have Touched Us  With Your Everlasting Love.  

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In Memory  

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Smokey Joe

OCTOBER 26, 2008



Russian Blue- look

Male neutered

A very sweet cat that craves a quiet home with adult attention

Afraid Of Toddler  In the Home


Smokey's owner could not wait to go through our  network's adoption process and after paying to list him and showing him twice she cancelled a show date and drove him to the shelter without us knowing. A week later someone responded to our web posting and wanted to adopt him but he died at the shelter. The family was so struck by the story they did adopt his friend Delilah that was still alive.




"Momma Gracie & Rex" 


June 2007

Momma Gracie & Rex were very thankful to have been adopted together as they had built an extremely strong bond from birth. They lived a very happy life and were very content until their current owners let them outside in a neighborhood known to have coyotes. The first time Gracie & Rex went on their outside adventure only Rex made it home. He obviously couldn't understand why his mom had not come home with him. So, on the next chance to see the outdoors he ventured out in search for her. Only this time it was their owners who had to wonder why Gracie and Rex had not come home. They were in tears when neither one of them came home for the next week and later discovered that both of their lives had been taken by coyotes.


Please let the tragic ending of their lives be a reminder as to the importance of keeping your animals indoors. Whether you live i a coyote area or not there are constant dangers lurking to harm innocent animals, whether on person or mistake.




April 24, 2007


Lucky experienced a quick paralysis of his legs and howling before being rushed to urgent care. Within minutes he was diagnosed with "Occult Heart Disease" that caused a blood clot to form and lodge in his femoral artery. Morphine was given to ease his pain but his prognosis forced immediate euthanasia. 

Four year old Lucky's life was short but he was well-loved by his  pet-parent Carolyn Maxwell until God  chose his time. 



March 30, 2006

Her little spine was fractured when she was only 5 weeks old. She recovered to be able to walk with a funny waddle and was happy as can be but she never again could urinate on her own. Her urine was expressed for years by the founder of the organization. Unfortunately, she kept having reoccurring urinary tract infections which was painful and we believed she had lived a very great life and that her time here had been blessed.   




July 20, 2005


Talkative. A Spicy Pepper Personality. The boss of the house. Wants all the attention.  Followed you around like a dog. 




My thoughts are of you tonight. The place and time when I laid you to rest are bonded by the tears that run down my face. I had feared you, but as I look upon the moonlit grass I remember being closer to you than I ever was. Your memory will always be a locket in my heart and the sorrow I feel will fade like the shadow of the tree on the moonlit grass. This night has been for you and me.





September 19, 2003

Animal Network is Mourning! Our hearts are saddened. 




Lover Boy was rescued a week ago with his 4 siblings. His beauty to most was that he was a spectacular mix of Bengal and Siamese. His striking color of Orange was attractive to the others. But, to those who cared for him he was known as "Lover Boy". True to his name because of his beautiful heart and little soul. 

Lover Boy was the last of his litter to be adopted. He stopped eating and we thought he was just depressed after the others all got homes. As we see many others miss their sibling friends and playmates. 

His caregiver tried every kind of juicy fresh and fancy fresh food she could to stimulate his appetite. Nothing peaked his interest and then he started vomiting. 

Doctors, too believed the possibility of him being depressed. Blood panels showed his organs were working fine and he was given a shot and meds to stop vomiting. Nothing worked. Force feeding led us no where. 

At dawn his little body lay on the chest of his caregiver and Lover Boy's little spirit had passed.




July 31, 2003

Kristen's Litter





"Ninja" Black 

Ninja was born with a congenital hip problem which causes him to not climb, or jump. He has adapted to his  handicap by walking slowly so not to fall and drinks water with his head tilted to the side to prevent himself from loosing balance. He needs a low litter box to be able to climb over the side.
Ninja's mom is Siamese which causes him to be very vocal and want to communicate. His loving nature and interest in being held and snuggling, far out weigh his handicap says his caregiver, Kristen Finnesson, a high school student getting community services hours for helping. "I just see him going to a home with a little girl that would share his love and hold him all the time. He has the "sweetest nature I've ever known and is so people-centered he needs to be the only cat, so he gets all the attention. He is happiest in your lap."



pictured 4 weeks 4-21-03 

died shortly after rescue


Our WalMart Rescue

Died of Panleukopenia 


Sweetheart and her babies 

 March 7, 2003

Every time another motherless baby is saved and puts a smile on a new adoptive parents face, we will think of you!


She was the ultimate example of a caring young Mother. When she was given babies that needed love, she immediately began caring for them. She didnít give it a second thought that her babies were grown, and that those babies were not hers. Unfortunately through her loving nature she contracted a life threatening illness from a kitten that needed a momma, and she died caring for kittens that were not hers. She is deeply missed by her caregivers, and the entire organization mourns a momma that gave her all to care for motherless babies. She paid the ultimate sacrifice to save the lives of these precious kittens. Even when she became gravely ill, she still nursed and kissed those precious babies. Unfortunately all were lost, despite all the love that was given by this very special Momma. Rescuing animals is not always joyous or easy for those caring individuals involved. The heartache and mourning over this tragedy devastated all involved, however the memory of the love this wonderful momma gave, somehow helps erase the tragic loss of such a beautiful creature.



I Know I may look funny, but, I could have loved you lots!

I was only 7 years old... and a little girl.

APRIL 3Oth 2002


My Name Is Sweetie!

I was rescued! And died in a home with someone who loved me, my foster mom Pam Leslie. That is much better than dying at a shelter! I thank you,  "mom" for loving me just the way I was  and giving me a home until the end of my life!

Caregiver Pam Leslie




APRIL 11th 2003


My Name Is Lucky

Dear Lucky was euthanized on April 11, 2003
after he started having seizures. The brave young school age pet-parent named Halo took the day off school and held Lucky in her arms. Lucky put her paw on Halo's cheek many times while meowing to communicate her love, as her spirit passed. Sing soul of Lucky... SING



August 20, 2002


My Name Is Malcom

"Malcolm" was riding home, inside the pet carrier with his momma on the way home from adoption when traffic caused the driver to brake fast. Malcom's tiny body was thrown to the back of the carrier and his pelvis was crushed by his momma's weight breaking his pelvis. Malcolm received three weeks of intensive care from his foster mom before the decision was made to "free" his little soul. Sing soul of Malcom! We all love you! Thank you Vickie for doing all you could!



My Name Is Armani

Armani is survived by his sister Azmira. The pair had difficulties upon rescue with recurring ringworm and upper respiratory. They were adopted together by a caring person in rescue but Armani just never thrived. He died peacefully in his sleep.  

Sing soul of Armani! Sing! 


Always spay, neuter, microchip, collar and tag your pets.