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'Fashion Island' Lives Up to Its Name!

It should come as no surprise that Fashion Island (preferred shopping venue to some of the most well dressed people in the country) is also a runway for some of the most well dressed pets anywhere. Fashion Island's pet friendly attitude and  several stores that cater exclusively to our four legged friends makes it the ideal place for pet owners to show off their chic pet style.

If you don't want your furry friend to feel left out, you can join in the fun by stopping by. Not even a dog should be caught underdressed at Fashion Island. Fashionable pet and supply stores cater to your pooch with dresses, sweaters and shirts you can find something to compliment the personality of your pet.

Head over to Russo's Pet Experience, which is where people gather to gawk at adorable animals.   They also sell quality pet supplies, everything you need to pamper your pooch!




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December 9, 2010

Cute Christmas Cats

Merry Christmas from the Animal Network! While we know it's not technically Christmas yet, we thought we would get you in the mood with some kitties who are embracing holiday cheer!...mostly.

If you would like to send us pictures of your pet dressed up for Christmas, you can email us at

Looking forward to seeing your festive friends!



December 2, 2010

Cartier's Cats

Cartier has a beautiful new winter campaign featuring their signature cat, the cheetah. There are few jewelers who are as fashionable and timeless as Cartier. While they stick to making jewelry for humans, their designs are certainly animal friendly. Check out their signature trinity bracelet that has been updated with a cheetah print bangle that intertwines with a diamond encrusted bangle and third bangle of yellow gold! Their panther collection is another example of Cartier's love affair with cats. Featuring a dazzling array of jewelry in a variety of metals and gems, ranging from bracelets and earrings to rings and necklaces. 





Fashion Hounds Go Green With Quality "Faux" Fur Looks

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Shop Donna Salyer's








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