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The Mookie Story  

Dedicated To Mookie!

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Written By DiAnna Pfaff-Martin From My Experience In Animal Rescuer in Orange County, CA  

 Promotion For Animals   In Need  



Pro-Humane Is Not The Same As No-Kill & Pro-Life! 

Don't Be Fooled "Pro-Humane" Mercifully Kills!

Shelters In Orange County Are "NOT" No Kill! they Are "Pro-Humane"!




Not All Animal Rescue Groups 

Are The Same! 





Other People Keep Making the Same Mistake!

If It Is too Good To Be True It Usually Is!




But, Do We Know She Is Safe?

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This Is Her Story.. 






Amanda Listed Mookie With Us For Adoption,

Amanda Was too Drive Mookie Back & Forth to our Adoption Events Until She Found A New Home.

We Have a 100% Adoption Rate! It Was Only A Matter Of Time! 






"Mookie's family lived far away from our adoption events.  Their family was busy and the trip to adoption hard on "Mookie" and the day long for her, too. So the Network made her "Pet Of The Month" and called to ask to place the owners phone number on the web site to prioritize her placement as poor Mookie" was always seeking refuge up and away from the family's toddlers and was unhappy. 

"Mookie' was placed in a new home with a nice lady I was told as we chatted. As  "The Network's" founder I was very happy. Further discussion led for her to tell her story of "Mookie" being passed to a woman that does adoptions in South Orange County in a parking lot underneath a pet store sign.  The owners husband made the delivery, signed a paper and did not receive a copy of the document.  

My call to the owner stirred her thoughts with questions. Did I do the right thing? I was told a nice lady adopted "Mookie" but is that all she could tell me about the person? Should I believe the South County woman who is so protective of her placement homes? How will I ever know if my old 7 year old "Mookie' was safe? With her heart tormented... She called the South County woman who picked up "Mookie" in the parking lot... "Could I see her?" The answer is "No."  


Amanda Believes she made a mistake giving "MOOKIE" up in this way.

UPDATE; On Feb 28, 2002, Amanda and her husband met the South county woman in a Mobil gas station parking lot and received a copy of the service agreement. She was disillusioned with the release statements that allow the woman to euthanize animals for temperament, sickness, overcrowding by turning them over to an animal shelter.  It is common knowledge of animal professionals that overcrowding promotes disease! Therefore "Mookie's" life in these conditions would be at risk.   

UPDATE: March 1, 2002, The family is now committed to pursuing getting "Mookie' back. A few local animal organizations are giving her moral support, we pray that "Mookie" is safe. 

UPDATE: March 5, 2002, prior to litigation, the family is  requesting "Mookie" back! 




Re: Reclaiming my cat “Mookie”

 Upon reading the release form that was not given to my husband at the time he signed it, I feel terribly uncomfortable with the fact that you may euthanize an animal due to illness, overcrowding and temperament. I feel as though I have been mislead and I am disillusioned with the differences between your verbal and written commitment. I fear Mookie is not safe with you or any of your associates. 

 My husband told me that the transaction that took place in a parking lot was under hurried conditions in which you quickly entered his vehicle to remove our cat, had him quickly initial and sign the release form, and then appeared to be in a rush to leave. Had we known the contents of the release and been allowed to thoroughly review it, we would not have given our cat to you.

We were never aware of how devastating it would be to let our cat out of our possession and then to be denied any further contact with her to guarantee that she was placed in a good home.

Numerous promises have failed to allow me to meet the new owner. As of this date, you have not been able to prove conclusively that she has in fact been adopted or is safe. 

In regards to the question you asked my husband and me on February 28, 2002, “Do you want your cat back?” Again, my answer is “ YES". I will continue to pursue getting my cat back.  





UPDATE: March 7, 2002.
DiAnna Pfaff-Martin, founder of, "The Animal Network of Orange County" received a call from a well-respected animal activist. She said she had hoped to get a Orange County counsel going that would have one representative from each group identified that could deal with these types of issues without stirring hostility among the local groups. She stated she hated to get involved, but had received calls and suggested the "Mookie Story" on the web site be taken down. DiAnna said it was placed up as a community service and it would remain up until a happy ending could be reported..
DiAnna believes that at this time, the only two people talking should be Amanda and the South OrangeCounty Woman who received "Mookie".

UPDATE: On March 7, 2002.
 A workplace worker  signed for the certified letter for the south county woman. No response to the certified letter yet to reclaim my pet "Mookie" March 17th) says Amanda. I am waiting. When returned,  The Animal Network will place "Mookie into a home where visitation and all phone numbers are exchanged between the parties. This is our normal procedure. No secrets, no mystery. No distrust, and she will be protected for her lifetime by a selected "God"-parent.  

UPDATE: Sunday March 17, 2002.
(3) Three lawyers are engaged in reading the animal release that was signed under hurried conditions and stress.  If anyone has an attorney will to consult on this case please e-mail 

The more attorney's the better says all! 



Thank you! Animal Loving People!

"Mookie" is now a high profile conversation among local Southern California animal organizations. The Southern California organizations divide between  pro-quality life and pro-humane (humanely kill) organizations who believe their are too many animals and not enough homes, so it is best to humanely kill. 

As a "community service", The Animal Network of Orange County hopes to warn desperate people who need to give up their pets quickly.  Individuals who are not visibly affiliated with an animal organization, carry only cell phones or pagers, and may be referred by local vet hospitals and descried as nice ladies that say they have lists of people wanting to adopt, should be of suspicion. Also, some animal groups found in the local yellow pages are pro-humane (euthanize IS humane), not pro-quality life, that may pick up animals and are quick to say they already found the animal a home and deny contact with the animal should be considered suspicious also.  The homes the animal may get could be in heaven. 

The people or groups who pick up animals help desperate local people feel good in believing their animal is getting a home. But, not all should be trusted. These are questions to ask:

Where do you advertise your adoption events? May I come to one? How many animals do you place a month? Where do you keep the animals? May I see? How many old cats (over 7)  find homes quickly? Can I see my pet at its' new home or stay in touch with the new family? What are your adoption requirements and fees to adopt? How will you guarantee my animal will get a home? Do you ever euthanize? Will you put these answers in writing and print and sign your name? 





MOOKIE is a lounge lizard who prefers someone's lap!   She loves being brushed... and she will entertain you with her unique "fly catching" abilities.  She would prefer to be the only feline in the house.  She is exclusively an indoor cat.

7 yr. old Grey-Brown Tabby

 Female spayed 




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Always spay, neuter, microchip, collar and tag your pets.

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