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Has This Woman Picked Up any Of Your Cats?

email your information to:

Ryan Drabek


Stefani Waterman


The Animal Report



All Rescues Are Not the Same!




Commonly, rescue organizations are always full because it takes a long time to find a new home for an adult cat, older kittens, big dogs or an old dog.

Don't Be Fooled! There Are "NO HOMES" for Wild Untouchable Feral Cats! There Are No Sanctuaries That Don't charge A Substantial Financial Fee! 

So, "Before" you place your beloved pet in harms way... 

And "BEFORE" you become frustrated trying to find a new home with your pet with a rescue and become desperate...

If You Become Desperate for Help; Beware Of Anyone Described As A "Nice Lady", or Business Cards that Simply Say "Animal Rescue"!

 "Desperate People Make Desperate Choices and Often Not the Right Choice." 

The Authorities Say, "Buyer Beware". If It Is Too Good To Be True It Is!





Some Rescue People and Organizations KILL!

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These Are the Suspects Names That Are Published In The Blog Considered To Be Involved:



Lynn Hildebrand, Cindy Morgan, Linda Sheehan, Barbara Zolle, Shirley Shuster, Carol Murphy. ... Lynn Hildebrand Named as Primary Killer ... of healthy adoptable puppies, kittens, cats and dogs over a period of years.

The Blog Spot. It was first Published Feb 16, 2010  and Still People Give Them Cats and Dogs!

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If You Have Given A Dog or a Cat To "Described Nice Rescue Ladies" Contact the Authorities and Make a Report! 

Ryan Drabek


Stefani Waterman





If You Have Given A Dog or a Cat To "Described Nice Rescue Ladies" Contact The Blog Spot and get your Information Documented and Recorded with the Authorities Listed. The Blogspot was first Published Feb 16, 2010  and Still People Give These  People Cats and Dogs!





It is believed that there is a house in Huntington Beach where a woman named Marsha lives and this is one of the drop off places for some of the animals to be later picked up by the suspects.





A veterinarian in Huntington Beach is also believed by rescue people to be involved with the euthanasia as well as shelters.





Beware! There is An Animal Organization that Supports the Efforts of the Suspected Animal Killers. 

Why Would Animal Rescue People Be Involved with Killing? Because these people are protecting them from cruelty! "YOU"!

Some People do abandon and abuse, and many do not have the funds to pay the shelter impound fees...

 Help Expose these  People that are believed to be masquerading as rescues. If they told you the truth you would not give the animals to them!  If animals are abandoned, they suffer; they starve and can become prey to animals, hit by cars, poisoned or they can procreate attributing to the over-pet population. 



Help Take Off Their Masks! Expose The People Responsible!

Communicate Your Stories!



Has This Woman Picked Up any Of Your Cats?


Ryan Drabek


Stefani Waterman


The Animal Report






  These People Are Committing Fraud but No One Complaining Is Heard!


  They Make You Believe They Find Homes, So You Have Peace Of Mind.


  The Animals Are Never Seen Again.
  So, where do They Go?  
  The Animals Are Believed to Be Driven To Shelters and Unscrupulous Veterinarians. 



  DiAnna Pfaff-Martin, Calls Them "The Black Hole Group"! What goes In, Is Never Seen Again.

     If Your Have Important Information to Share contact:


The Animal Report




Make Up Your Own Mind! Read These Links....

 "BEFORE" you become frustrated or place your animal in harms way... 

The Mookie Story!

San Bernardino Humane Society Night Killings

Killings - Blog Spot

Animal Rights Discussion



Why Would People Turn Over Cats and Dogs to the Animal Killers?  


  - People desperate find help with the suspected animals killers because they can't get legitimate "immediate" help from the animal rescue community. 

- Make Rescues that have kennels are almost always full and often do not return  phone calls.

- There are "NO" No-Kill municipal animal shelters in Orange County; they are called "Pro-Humane" .






Pro-Humane is not the same as "No-Kill". Pro-humane shelters and pro-humane rescue groups do kill for sickness, overcrowding and aggression! 


  Both dogs and cats can "become" cage aggressive when caged for periods of time (30 days is considered inhumane by most) 

Both dogs and cats can "become" sick (cats; upper respiratory / dogs: Kennel cough) simply by living in crowded conditions around too many other animals. 

  The California State Law protects animals from euthanasia for only five days and may be killed anytime after to make space for new animals being impounded.; Owner Relinquished Animals  Are Protected Only for 2 Days.

Adult dogs and cats are killed swiftly during kitten season (April - August) as the general public is looking for and adopting the tiny ones leaving the adult animals and large breed dogs at risk of loosing their lives as the shelter fills with kittens and puppies.    


  There are too many animals and not enough homes

It takes approximately 3 months or more of intense effort to get an adult cat or large mixed breed dog a new home.  

   Rescue groups are not all the same!  Many groups and animal loving people conduct their rescue efforts as "pro-humane" and will pick up animals from desperate individuals that are trying to avoid the uncertainty of the shelter system. Animal's lives and the pet parents emotions are at stake when animals are relinquished unsuspectingly into the wrong hands. Pro-humane groups don't like to be questioned and will make up stories about where the animals is living (with a nice old lady, etc.) to satisfy the remorseful caller.  In these cases relinquished pets often find their home "in heaven". 


 "Never" turn over an animal to a rescue group or self described rescue person without asking a few questions.... 

May I drive and see the home where my pet will be staying?

Where are your adoption events? May I be there with my animal? 

Do you have a web site? Will I be able to see my pet's photo there? 

Do I have to sign a release or anything? If not you have them write up the terms in which you are agreeing and understand how the business of rescuing your animal will be conducted. 

Always read What you are signing and demand a copy! Often these relinquishing releases actually disclose they have the right to euthanize the animal. Be ware that once the animal becomes the property of the group or person that they have the right to dispose of the animal if they choose to do so unless it is otherwise written. 

Beware of Animal Rescue People That Can Pick Up  Your Animal Right Away.  The Suspects are Fanatics About Animal Rights. Yes! These People Believe the Animals Are Better Off Dead! 


Always spay, neuter, microchip, collar and tag your pets.

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